Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is the most common form of heart rhythm disorder, affecting approximately 900,000 people in England (1.74% of the population), and national data suggests that it is the cause of 20% of strokes. The Senior National Systems Leadership forum has asserted that they will have diagnosed and appropriately anti-coagulate 90% of predicted cases of AF.

There is an opportunity across the West Midlands to diagnose over 21,460 and appropriate manage an additional 8470, this could ultimately prevent a significant number of AF-related strokes occurring.

The CVD Clinical Network is leading the development of an AF Improvement Strategy, the aim will be to minimise unwarranted variation along the AF pathway and increased emphasis on the prevention.

Along with partner organisations, WMAHSN and PHE, we have developed a regional pathway for the detection and management of AF.

We will be holding a regional knowledge sharing event in Spring 2019 providing a platform for clinicians, managers and commissioners to share experience and explore case studies across the region and beyond. We are in the process of supporting the development of a CVD working group for each STP, a AF sub-group be exist under each working group.