Patient education

West Midlands Clinical Network (WMCN) is committed to focusing on patient education and has created the ‘Alphabet strategy Care Plan’. This care plan is designed to allow patients to continue living a normal healthy life and patients can work towards achieving a personalised care plan. This will consist of meeting measured targets such as Blood Pressure (BP), Cholesterol and overall diabetes control, leaving the patient to have control in their care plan. Creating a care plan will help patients to reduce risks of all Diabetes complications; this can range from strokes to pregnancy related issues. This care plan can be used as paper form or can be used online please see our resource page

WMCN work very closely with and currently offer a free course.

‘Diabetes Education: Knowing more about your condition’.

Whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, it can feel like a lot to learn but knowing what to expect can really help you what diabetes is and how it affects your body. People who understand diabetes more feel more confident about looking after their condition and may have fewer complications as a result. You might like to know that you can attend a free course; this is something that can be offered to every patient via their doctor, nurse or consultant.

To find out more about this visit the Diabetes UK website.

Please see our resources page for more information on Patient Education.