Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease is very common and increases in prevalence people age. Much of this is related to cardiovascular health with furring up of blood vessels in general leading to worsening kidney function. This is particularly common in patients with diabetes, heart disease or stroke.

The majority of these patients will never develop such severe kidney impairment that renal replacement therapy in the form of dialysis or transplantation is required. However blood and urine monitoring, treatment of blood pressure, diabetes and other risk factors does need to be addressed.

The majority of these patients do not need anything other than occasional advice on management from specialised renal services. However it is important that primary care are supported to care for renal disease in the context of many other health disorders. Patients should also be provided with enough easily available information to allow adequate self care.

The Renal Network is making it one of its priorities to ensure that such services are available across the region. We have produced infographics for each STP to Emphasising CKD as factor within cardiovascular disease as a whole:

View a presentation on all things kidney: opportunities in integrated care.