Early Supported Discharge & Rehabilitation

Early Supported Discharge & Rehabilitation: Early supported discharge (ESD) and rehabilitation are vital parts of the stroke care pathway that enable patients to increase their independence and function through access to various specialist therapeutic interventions. In the West Midlands, the Cardiovascular (CVD) Clinical Network set up and continues to support the West Midlands Early Supported Discharge & Rehabilitation Working Group.

The group brings together our project lead Carron Sintler (Consultant Physiotherapist), Stroke Clinical Lead (Dr Sissi Ispoglou, Stroke Consultant) and core specialist professionals from each STP in the West Midlands: Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, Speech and language therapists, Dietitians, Clinical Psychologists, Stroke Consultants and Social Services colleagues.

The group acts as an expert consultative body for the provision of ESD pathways and a strategy for increasing the percentage of patients discharged with ESD. The group advises on wider system issues regarding the provisions of community services for the stroke population of the region.

The West Midlands Cardiovascular Network Clinical Network held a Stroke Early Supported Discharge and Rehabilitation Working Group event on 25 October 2018, which bought together experts to map out an agreed standard pathway for our stroke patients. The workshop was a huge success and will form part of the West Midlands stroke review to ensure our stroke patients receive the very best care possible.

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