Perinatal mental health

First shown at the West Midlands Perinatal Mental Health Network meeting on 10th January 2019, these videos have been produced with women with experience of perinatal mental health conditions and their families to increase knowledge amongst women, their families and health professionals about perinatal mental illness. They have also been designed to be used in the training of health professionals.

The first video has been created to be shown to women and their families during the course of antenatal education and to be used by NHS health professionals in educational classes. It covers antenatal anxiety, maternal obsessive compulsive disorder, postnatal anxiety, postpartum psychosis, and postnatal depression.

The second video has been created to be shown to perinatal women and their families during educational classes and to be used by NHS health professionals with women in the postnatal period. It covers birth trauma, postnatal depression and a partners perspective of antenatal depression, postnatal anxiety, and bonding difficulties.

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Stakeholder Events

Date Title of Stakeholder Event
13/03/19 Continuity of Carer – Midwives Education Day
19/03/19 PReCePT Event  (Prevention of Cerebral Palsy in PreTerm Labour)
10/01/19 Perinatal Mental Health Quarterly Event
16/10/2018 Preventing Stillbirth
10/10/2018 PMH Quarterly Network Meeting
26/09/2018 Whose Shoes Event – The Black Country, ‘You Said, We Did’
19/09/2018 PMH Clinical Forum Strategic Development Day
17/09/2018 PMH Whose Shoes Event – Pan Staffordshire
26/07/2018 Whose Shoes Event – Worcester
17/07/2018 Whose Shoes Event – Wolverhampton
13/07/2018 Whose Shoes Event – Pan Staffordshire
29/06/2018 PMH Whose Shoes Event – Shropshire
28/06/2018 PMH Whose Shoes Event – North Staffordshire
20/06/2018 PMH Quarterly Network Meeting: Whose Shoes
28/03/2018 Whose Shoes Event – Black Country LMS
27/03/2018 Whose Shoes Event – Dudley Canal Trust, The Black Country
06/03/2018 Preventing Stillbirth
07/02/2018 PMH Quarterly Network Meeting
01/02/2018 Commissioner Engagement Event
29/01/2018 West Midlands Maternity Clinical Network Symposium
01/12/2017 Whose Shoes Event – Walsall Manor Hospital
28/09/2017 PMH Quarterly Network Meeting
21/06/2017 PMH Quarterly Network Meeting
09/06/2017 Perinatal Mortality Reviews Event
06/04/2017 Infant Feeding Day Event
15/03/2017 Reducing Stillbirth Event
10/03/2017 PMH Quarterly Network Meeting

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