About the team

The core Mental Health, Dementia and Neuroligical Conditions Clinical Network Team:

  • Head of Clinical Network – Andrea Read
  • Network Administrator – Lisa Hayes
  • Senior Network Quality Improvement Manager – Fauzia Sattar
  • Network Quality Improvement Manager for Children and Young People – Kate Branchett
  • Network Quality Improvement Officer for Dementia and Improved Access to Psychological Therapies – Sharon Adams
  • Network Quality Improvement Officer for Early Intervention Psychosis and the Crisis Care Concordat – Karen Edwards
  • Network Quality Improvement Officer – Vacancy To be Advised
  • Joint Clinical Director and Mental Health Lead – Vacancy To be Advised
  • Joint Clinical Director and Dementia Lead – Dr Karim Saad
  • Neurological Conditions Clinical Lead – Prof Adrian Williams

Contact the team: england.mhdementianetwork@nhs.net