Enhanced health in care homes vanguards

Across England, there are six enhanced health in care home (EHCH) vanguards working to improve the quality of life, healthcare and health planning for people living in care homes.

  • Connecting Care – Wakefield District
  • Newcastle and Gateshead Clinical Commissioning Group
  • East and North Hertfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Sutton Homes of Care
  • Airedale and Partners

Within these six vanguard areas, care homes are working closely with the NHS, local authorities, the voluntary sector, carers and families to optimise the health of their residents.

The EHCH care model works closely with the multispecialty community provider (MCP) and integrated primary and acute care system (PACS) new care models to help deliver whole population healthcare.

Enhanced health in care homes framework

The EHCH framework (published 29 September 2016) lays out a clear vision for working with care homes to provide joined up primary, community and secondary, social care to residents of care and nursing homes, via a range of in reach services.

The framework document was co-developed in partnership with the six EHCH vanguards, commissioners, providers and partners across health and social care. It is based on the lessons learned by the EHCH vanguards and highlights the components that have had the highest impact on the resident’s quality of care, which can be adopted to meet the local needs of the population.

Adopting the enhanced health in care homes framework         

The enhanced health in care homes framework is based on successful initiatives which have been shown to work and can be delivered within and around a care home in a coordinated way. It will help to deliver high quality, efficient and consistent service to residents in care homes or supportive living. The interventions highlighted in the framework can be implemented by any care home and their partners across the country.

Many providers are now using this learning locally, and over 60 areas around the country have expressed interest in adopting the EHCH care model. The national team is working with all these areas and others across the country to support them in successfully implementing the whole care model. There has already been a great deal of progress, with over 20 CCGs and local authorities are now implementing local versions of the Hospital Transfer Pathway ‘Red Bag.’

A number of sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs), NHS England regions and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are putting in place local plans to implement the EHCH care model in response to local priorities.

Capturing and sharing vanguard learning

The vanguards are working closely together as a cohort and with the EHCH team to capture and share learning, so that others can implement initiatives that have worked particularly well and can be easily replicated across the country.

For example, vanguards are co-developing several ‘Learning from the EHCH vanguards’ guides which focus on a single element or sub-element of the EHCH framework. The guides provide information to facilitate non-vanguard areas to introduce interventions in support of the EHCH model, and include resources such as vanguard job descriptions, templates and operating models.

Working together for better care – learning from enhanced health in care home vanguards

Watch a short film about the work and achievements of the six EHCH vanguards and their story so far. Through a series of interviews with staff, residents and volunteers, the film showcases the impact that the new models of care are having on the health and wellbeing of their residents, and how vanguards are achieving this.