National Orthopaedic Alliance

The vanguard and the people it serves

Orthopaedic services support patients who have problems with their bones, joints or ligaments. The National Orthopaedic Alliance (NOA) wants to improve the services that its members provide and then create a framework (or ‘pathway’) that others can follow to improve their own care standards, leading to consistent high quality care across England.

The NOA’s framework is based on a quality standard membership model founded on evidence-based descriptors of ‘what good looks like’ in orthopaedic care.

The vanguard is led by the below Trusts and supported by over 20 other providers (and growing) across the country

What is changing?

The vanguard is aiming to improve the quality and consistency of orthopaedic care for patients and in doing so, develop a new way of working that smaller hospitals and specialist providers can introduce to help them offer services that are better quality and more consistently cost-effective.

Through their work to improve their own services, the vanguard partners will create tools that other providers can use to offer high quality, efficient services. They will also set the quality standards that should be met across other providers.

As well as looking at how orthopaedic services are delivered to patients, they will develop new business and funding models and new ways for organisations to work more closely together. This will include ‘back office’ functions such as finance and human resources as well as the clinical teams.

Key benefits

For patients

Ultimately, the NOA aims to improve the quality of care for all patients receiving orthopaedic services across the country, whether that’s in a specialist centre, a district general hospital or a teaching hospital. By supporting the spread of specialist orthopaedic care over wider areas, the NOA will also help to bring care closer to home for patients. The introduction of the NOA’s set of transparent quality standards will have a major impact on patients by providing:

  • Patient centred care
  • Good outcomes
  • Good experience
  • Reliable, safe processes

In short, patients will fully understand what to expect, by when and know how it will be delivered. By creating more efficient services, the quality of orthopaedic care will improve.

For providers

Providers joining the NOA and achieving its quality standards will be given the tools and support they need to deliver improved:

  • Clinical outcomes for patients
  • Quality of life for patients
  • Patient experience
  • Patient confidence
  • Operational efficiency
  • Significant savings across the orthopaedic specialty
  • Replicable savings and quality improvements across other specialties

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