Wellbeing Erewash

The vanguard and the people it serves

The vanguard wants to develop thriving communities within Erewash where people feel confident and supported to choose a healthier lifestyle, stay well, and know how to get help and support when they need it.

The Wellbeing Erewash vanguard partners include:

Together they cover a population of 97,000 people.

What is changing?

The Wellbeing Erewash partners will work together to create a ‘multispecialty community provider’, in which primary (GP) and community services will connect with local councils, the voluntary and community sector and local communities to meet the needs of the local population efficiently and effectively.

The aim is to remove the ‘boundaries’ that exist between organisations – making it much easier for joined up, person centred working. This will help shape new services that give local people the information and confidence they need to support themselves and reduce their reliance on health and social care services.

The vanguard will work with communities to promote self-care through education and a greater availability of health information, linking people into their communities for support, by training and supporting staff to involve patients in making decisions about their own health and care. Vulnerable patients who are at risk of ill health and hospital admissions will also be identified and offered specific support by the community teams.

New services (including urgent care services) are being designed which will be available on the day they are requested, seven days a week. Access to GPs will be improved by matching their availability to patient needs and by delivering services in different ways.

Key benefits

  • Greater support for self-care and healthy lifestyle choices will help reduce reliance on health and care services
  • Staff will feel empowered to deliver better services through improved working relationships and processes taking a patient centred approach.

Contact Wellbeing Erewash

Email: carol.foster@erewashccg.nhs.uk
Website: www.wellbeingerewash.org.uk
Twitter: @WellErewash