My Life a Full Life (Isle of Wight)

The vanguard and the people it serves

The Isle of Wight vanguard is enhancing the care it offers by delivering more services in people’s own homes and in the community, and by working in ways that are sustainable over the long term as they offer better value for money for the NHS.

The partners include:

  • Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Isle of Wight NHS Trust (a unique provider of ambulance, community, hospital, learning disability and mental health services)
  • Isle of Wight Council
  • One Wight Health (a group of GPs)
  • the voluntary and independent sectors and other public sector organisations

The partners jointly serve a population of 140,000 residents as well as thousands of tourists.

What is changing?

‘My life a full life’ aims to prevent ill health by promoting health and wellbeing and supporting self-care and empowered communities.

Health and care services for individuals is coordinated by dedicated staff including community and care navigators and local area coordinators, who help patients access the right service, reduce any confusion by simplifying how the system works and increase awareness of the services available.

New locality teams are also being introduced to deliver care and support in the community, with GP clinical leadership and teams of staff with a mix of skills and specialisms.

Services will work together to jointly assess people’s needs and provide the right service, in the right place at the right time, avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions and reducing inappropriate referrals to services.

At the same time, the partners are breaking down barriers and working more efficiently together, making the most of their combined resources.

Key benefits

  • Easy to understand, accessible and up to date information about health, wellbeing, care and support helps local people take better care of themselves
  • Access to skilled advice helps people plan better for their future and take more direct control over their care
  • Services delivered closer to home support people to remain happy and healthy in their own communities, only going to hospital when they really need to.

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