Northumberland Accountable Care Organisation

The vanguard and the people it serves

The collective vision of health and social care partners in Northumberland is to create a system which consistently delivers the highest quality of care and a seamless patient experience for people living across the county.

This vision is supported by plans to develop a single accountable care organisation: this is an overarching organisation that sits above a joined up health and social care system made up of a number of different providers, from health services to the local council. The aim is to help teams across different organisations to work more effectively together, with the same shared goals.

The Northumberland Accountable Care Organisation partners are:

The NHS organisations jointly serve a population of more than 320,000 people across Northumberland – one of the largest and most rural areas of England.

What is changing?

Urgent and emergency care has already been transformed, with the opening of the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in June 2015. This new hospital, the first purpose-built of its kind in England, provides specialist consultant-led care, seven days a week, for all serious emergencies. Urgent care centres for walk-in patients with less serious problems are now available 24/7 at general hospital sites.

Development is now focused on improving access to GP advice during the normal working week and exploring the potential for new networks of GP practices to work together to offer extended access, based on patient need, across the county.

To support this, new locality based multi-disciplinary teams are piloting new ways of working to proactively look after patients who are most vulnerable, as close to home as possible. This includes an acute home visiting service using pharmacists and the wider community nursing team to support GPs in managing home visit requests as well as working with colleagues from mental health and other specialists to proactively support people with long term health problems to stay healthy and well.

Key benefits

  • Improved outcomes for seriously ill patients requiring emergency hospital care
  • Increase same day access to GP advice and reduce out-of-hours activity
  • Reduce reliance on emergency care and hospital admissions
  • Create more time for GPs to plan and care for those with long term or complex needs
  • Supports the future efficiency and financial stability of the health and social care system as a whole

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