South Somerset Symphony Programme

The vanguard and the people it serves

South Somerset Symphony Programme is developing a new system for delivering health and social care in south Somerset. It supports staff from different organisations to work together, providing people with quicker and easier access to services and support.

This will be delivered through a new organisation that is jointly managed by health and social care professionals.

South Somerset Symphony Programme vanguard partners are:

Together they serve a population of 200,000.

What is changing?

The Symphony project is developing new ways of caring for patients that either help to prevent ill health or address any potential problems as early as possible.

Services will be available closer to where people live and patients – particularly those with complex conditions – will be supported to stay independent and healthier for longer and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

GPs, hospital clinicians, therapists, social workers and patients will work together to develop care which supports all of an individual’s care and lifestyle needs.

Symphony is also exploring new ways of working to make some routine clinical work – such as certain day surgery procedures – easier for patients to access and more efficient.

Key benefits

  • By working together in a proactive way, the partners will help prevent ill health and reduce the reliance on health and care services
  • Patients will receive care earlier and quicker thanks to a more efficient use of resources.

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