Don Berwick visits the South

Professor Don Berwick returned to the UK this month (November 2017) to work with vanguards and sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) as part of his on-going support to the new care models programme.

Professor Berwick started his week in Dorset visiting the Developing One NHS in Dorset vanguard as well as the Dorset STP where he toured Poole Hospital children’s unit, heard how they have been using experience-based co-design to improve stroke care and discussed the future of Dorset’s Accountable Care System.

He then went on to visit Better Local Care (Hampshire) who, along with colleagues from My Life a Full Life (Isle of Wight) vanguard, shared how their vanguards are transforming the way that healthcare services are delivered to patients. This included care co-ordination and integrated care hubs on the island and the home visiting service and same day access scheme in the Gosport and Fareham areas in Hampshire.

The following day Professor Berwick visited North East Hampshire and Farnham vanguard and Frimley Health STP where he heard about the their new models of care including their community ambassadors and mental health safe haven, and discussed the next steps for new care models across the STPs and how they are using strong GP leadership to drive change. Read reflections from these visits.

His last stop was Buckinghamshire STP and Wycombe Hospital where he heard from colleagues in a number of hospital departments and discussed their commitment to collective leadership.

During the end of the week Professor Berwick met with vanguard leaders to discuss their journey so far and the importance of sharing new care models across the country. The new care models programme and the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges also jointly hosted an event for clinical leaders to meet Professor Berwick and explore the critical issues for clinical leaders and professional bodies in enabling change.

Professor Berwick finished his week with a webinar on making quality improvements everyone’s business, hosted by The King’s Fund and alongside Professor Jane Dacre, President of the Royal College of Physicians, where he drew on the insights from the earlier vanguard visits and discussed how we can empower patients and staff to drive improvements in front line clinical care. The webinar is available to view.