Panel discussion

At the end of the event, speakers including, Samantha Jones, Director – New Care Models Programme; health commentator, Professor Paul Corrigan; Chris Hopson, Chief Executive, NHS Providers; Adrian Masters, Executive Director, Sector Development, Monitor and David Albury, Director, Innovation Unit gathered for a panel discussion looking at a series of questions.

Most of the questions were directed at the way in which the leadership of the arms-length bodies could change their actions to help foster the development of new care models. Responses outlined the fact that the arms-length bodies, over the next five years at least, have to both support the ‘new’ care models as well as performance manage the ‘old’ models of care.

The issue of limited leadership capacity was raised. If most of this resource at was used for ‘transactional’ work, then there would be little effort left to put into ‘transformation’, such as the work of the new care models.

It was pointed out that all innovations in every industry inevitably include a number of failures. What was important was to ensure that the failures were recognised as quickly as possible to ensure that innovators do not adopt these innovations. This needs a good and occasionally tough decision-making process.

The Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) from 2016 will provide an important platform for developing new models of care that can only be delivered across organisations.

We need to quickly develop a ‘road map’ towards the goal that the majority of people in England will be able to access new models of care by 2020. This must include an early publication of what these care models look like. Emerging frameworks for each care model, showing the learning from the current vanguards, will be published in spring 2016.

Some of the day’s speakers also shared their thoughts on spreading the new care models: