Who needs to play a role?

The table discussions suggested four groups had a role to play in supporting the spread of the new care models.

NHS arms-length bodies

Arms-length bodies need to set a consistent direction, resolve national barriers and create space by reducing some of the reporting burden.  NHS England needs to make sure that messaging around the new care models is clear: all of the NHS is expected to implement the new care models and not just the vanguards.  Transformation funding is very welcome, but NHS England also needs to refer to the success of non-vanguards.  NHS England and NHS Improvement need to make sure that incentives and performance management set out in the planning guidance support adoption of the new care models.  The Care Quality Commission needs to move more towards system-based inspections.

Staff and their organisations

Work with the unions, royal colleges and others to engage staff in moving towards new care models.

In the longer term, professional bodies, such as the royal colleges, could underwrite the new care models and provide assurance to the regulators that they are supported by them.  Professional bodies need to make the new care models more concrete rather than abstractions of organisational forms, and those who are implementing new care models could act as professional champions within national bodies.

Other national and regional organisations

The Academic Health Science Networks could play a big role in helping sharing learning about the new care models.

Representative bodies like the NHS Confederation and the National Association of Primary Care could play a role in helping make the changes happen.  The voluntary sector is vital for delivering new care models. We need to learn from the Russell Group universities’ mental health interventions and promote a social movement.

The wider world

Patient demand will be essential to spread and to help this there needs to be patient representative training and an ambassadorial patient role.  The main narrative about the importance of the new care models is missing in the local and national media.