The NHS Engagement and Communications Development Programme

We’ve designed this programme with NHS Improvement to support NHS engagement and communications professionals across all levels.


NHS Postgraduate Certificate in Health Communications

The course is part of an NHS joint engagement and communications development programme and is aimed at aspiring leaders in engagement and communications from across the health systems.

NHS England and NHS Improvement offer a programme of development the programme and the NHS PG Cert in recognition of the critical role the profession has in delivering the transformational change needed to support the NHS in the future. The leadership and expertise provided by engagement and communications professionals has a vital role to play not only in engaging with patients, staff and communities but in improving the patient experience.

Visit the CHCR website to find the module descriptions.

Cohorts 8 and 9

Applications for cohort 8 and cohort 9 are now open.

Cohort 8 Cohort 9
13 January, Buckinghamshire 9 March, Buckinghamshire
30 March, Huddersfield 8 June, Huddersfield
7 September, Huddersfield 5 October, Huddersfield
9 November, Buckinghamshire 7 December, Buckinghamshire

If you want to apply please visit the CHCR website. If you have any questions please email

Who should apply

The bespoke NHS engagement and communications qualification is a part-time postgraduate course for those in permanent NHS engagement and communications roles at (AfC) Band 7 and 8 who aspire to positions of leadership.

Course topics

The course consists of four intensive week-long modules such as external, interpersonal, internal and management/leadership communications.

The bespoke course has been updated to reflect the current challenges facing senior engagement and communications teams in provider organisations, clinical commissioning group, sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) and/or integrated care systems (ICSs).

Applicants should be aware of the ambitions set out in the Long Term Plan.

NHS engagement and communications development workshops

Our bi-monthly workshops cover key topics relevant to NHS engagement and communications professionals with the aim of supporting engagement and communications teams across the system.

We aim to improve practical skills as well as understanding of the more strategic elements of engagement and communications vital to delivering the NHS Long Term Plan. There are 70 places per workshop and they are free to attend.

All workshop presentations can be found on CommsLink, or alternatively you can email

Workshops happening in 2019 and 2020 are now open for booking. To reserve your place, please visit

Date Topic Location Time Venue
Tuesday 14 May 2019 Storytelling for NHS communicators  London 09:30-15:30 Broadway House
Tuesday 16 July 2019 Developing and delivering a communications and engagement strategy: delivering organisational objectives Newcastle 09:30-15:30 Centre For Life
Thursday 19 September 2019 The Importance of Evaluation in NHS Engagement and Communications London 09:30-15:30 Broadway House
Tuesday 19 November 2019 Public engagement: Engaging with People and Communities Birmingham 09:30-15:30 Maple House
Corporation Street
Birmingham B4 6TB
Tuesday 21 January 2020 Digital Communications in the NHS London 09:30-15:30 Broadway House
Tuesday 12 May 2020 Using Storytelling in NHS engagement and communications Liverpool 09:30-15:30 The Gateway Conference Centre
71-75 London Road
L3 8HY
Tuesday 14 July 2020 Trends in Internal Communications and Staff Engagement Bristol 09:30-15:30 TBC
Tuesday 29 September 2020 Crisis Communications & Reputation Management London 09:30-15:30 Broadway House
Tuesday 17 November 2020 Communicating Statistics & Finance to public, patients and staff Birmingham 09:30-15:30 The Studio7 Cannon Street
Birmingham B2 5EP
Tuesday 28 January 2021 Developing, delivering and evaluating a engagement and communications strategy


London 09:30-15:30 Broadway House
23 March 2021 Social Marketing (Behaviour Change) for NHS campaigns Manchester 09:30-15:30 The Studio
51 Lever Street
Manchester M1 1FN
25 May 2021


Public engagement in the NHS: Engaging with People and Communities London 09:30-15:30 Broadway House

NHS mentoring scheme

Our mentoring programme aims to support all NHS engagement and communications people at every level. The aim is for senior NHS engagement, communications and marketing professionals to mentor those in their local area or region. Although most of our mentors work or have worked in senior positions in the NHS many of our mentors come from health charities, national bodies and large third sector organisations.

If you’re interested in mentoring either as a mentee or becoming a mentor, please fill out the relevant form on the NHS Improvement website, and email the completed form to

NHS CommsLink

NHS CommsLink is an excellent place to share resources like campaign materials, good practice and success stories, create forums and blogs, and keep up to date with the latest need to know information. NHS Commslink is open to all NHS engagement and communications professionals.

Please email to request access.