For more information on the national project please email:

You can also join the conversation on social media using the hashtag: #NHS70.

Local and regional NHS bodies may also want to contact their regional NHS England offices.


Journalists and production companies wishing to get involved with the NHS 70th birthday celebrations should use the following numbers during normal office hours:

  • 0113 825 0958
  • 0113 825 0959

Commercial/legal notice

Due to the popularity of the forthcoming celebration of the NHS’s 70th birthday and the clear and strong value of the NHS brand, the team at NHS England has already been approached by a considerable number of organisations who have offered to supply NHS England with services relating to the celebration completely free of charge.

Whilst we would like to work with a wide range of organisations in relation to the celebration, we need to approach the exercise in a way that is manageable and that ensures that our pro-bono providers possess the appropriate expertise and experience. We also clearly need to protect our valuable and important NHS brand.

With this in mind, and after careful consideration, we have chosen to restrict the pool of potential providers of pro-bono services to NHS England relating to the celebration to all organisations currently appointed to the Crown Commercial Services’ “Campaign Solutions” Framework (RM 3774) and NHS England’s Lead Provider Framework (the “Frameworks”).

The Frameworks are being used solely as a reference point by which to define and identify the potential pro-bono provider pool. Any provider selected to deliver pro-bono services will be appointed separately from and on different terms to the relevant framework agreement.

We have chosen to define the pool of potential pro-bono suppliers by reference to the Frameworks because those Frameworks:

  • have ensured that potential providers have undergone sufficiently rigorous assessment in terms of suitability, stability and capability;
  • comprise of a range of organisational types and sizes (including SMEs);
  • contain providers that are the preferred suppliers of the Government and/or NHS bodies; and
  • ensure that providers have an appropriate level of expertise and experience, coupled with demonstrable knowledge of the importance of protecting our brand and promoting it appropriately.

We will communicate with the relevant framework providers to confirm the range of opportunities on offer and explain the manner in which we intend to take those opportunities forward.

NHS England’s approach as described in this statement will not prevent any organisation from approaching any other NHS body in relation to the NHS’s 70th birthday celebration (or any other matter). For example, our approach does not prevent potential providers that are not appointed to the Frameworks from offering to provide pro-bono services to NHS Trusts and/or Foundation Trusts in relation to the celebration.

Unfortunately, we will decline all requests/offers to provide NHS England with pro-bono services in relation to the celebration from all organisations other than those appointed to the Frameworks. For the avoidance of doubt, the contents of this statement will also not have any impact on any other opportunity to work with NHS England in the future, whether under the Frameworks or otherwise.

We are very grateful for all approaches that have been made to date and would like to express our thanks for the interest in working with us.