Support NHS charities

The NHS receives support from more than 250 NHS charities which help to improve the care we provide to patients and their families. They also support staff.

The NHS’s 70th birthday is an ideal opportunity to raise awareness of the important work of NHS charities and to let the public know how they can support them, for instance by making a donation or offering to volunteer.

Working together a number of NHS charities have developed plans to mark the occasion.

NHS Big7Tea

A simple way for people to show their support for the NHS and NHS charities is to host an NHS Big7Tea party to celebrate and share your stories of what the NHS means to you. It’s really easy, just get everyone round for a cuppa and maybe a slice of birthday cake and have some fun swapping your stories.

How to get involved

Do you work for an NHS charity?

We are keen to involve as many NHS charities as possible. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

Are you an NHS, health or care body?

The charities have produced a party pack for NHS, health and care bodies, as well as NHS charities, to help design and plan their NHS Big 7Tea party.

Are you a member of the public?

Please organise an NHS Big 7Tea – visit for more information.

Find out more

For more information, please contact: