We have developed a range of branding materials to support organisations to celebrate the NHS’s 70th birthday. A graphic device has been developed and is ready to use alongside your NHS logo.

Download the zip file of the NHS70 graphic device – this includes a jpg and eps file as well as guidance that organisations need to follow.

Local, regional and national NHS organisations – graphic device

Local, regional and national organisations can use the ’70 Years’ graphic device to mark the milestone:

NHS70 logo

Use of the graphic device on social media

When using the ’70 Years’ graphic device on social media you can use the graphic device on its own in the header banner because the NHS logo should already appear in the profile picture.

Here’s how some organisations have incorporated the NHS70 graphic on Twitter:

For further information please see the NHS Identity website.

National campaign logo

A national campaign logo has been agreed. This logo is for use by the national campaign, Sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) or where other NHS organisations are working together:

NHS70 logo



Organisations who want to use this logo will need to apply. Please email

Supporting NHS70 logo

A supporting NHS70 mark has been created for use by the Department of Health, non-NHS arms-length bodies, approved non-commercial partners, charities and approved commercial organisations:

Supporting NHS70 logo





Organisations who want to use this logo will need to apply by email to

For more information about branding, please email: