NHS70: spotlight on innovation and digital

A doctor uses a tablet for a diagnosis

Since the NHS was created 70 years ago, we have constantly innovated to improve how we work and ensure the care we offer meets and exceeds the needs of patients.

Throughout the years we have transformed the health and wellbeing of our nation, while advancing medicine and pioneering breakthroughs in science.

Today, technology is at the heart of our innovation, from digital systems that allow staff to communicate better, to websites and apps that enable patients to access the care and advice they need quickly and easily, when it suits them.

Find out more about innovation and digital in the NHS.

Innovation in medicines has saved millions of lives. From the ground breaking discovery of penicillin discovered by Alexander Flemming in 1928, and used clinically from the 1940s, to the latest developments in biological medicines and tissue engineered medicines which change the body’s own cells. Find out more about the medicines milestones in history.

Get involved in #NHS70DigitalWeek

During #NHS70DigitalWeek (23- 27 July) we will be celebrating digital health innovations of the past, present and future through:

  • A ground-breaking, AI themed panel discussion held in virtual reality and live streamed on YouTube entitled ‘Are the bots taking over?’ on Monday 23 July #AreTheBotsTakingOver
  • A late night medicine themed Lates event at the Science Museum full of exciting, interactive exhibits highlighting great NHS milestones and innovations on Wednesday 25 July #SMLates
  • Tweets and Facebook posts showcasing the latest digital tools and services and busting common myths about digital on social media #FactOrFiction #NHSWiFi #WideningDigitalParticipation

Everyone is welcome to join our events, and the conversation on social media, so please sign up and get tweeting using #NHS70DigitalWeek.

How will greater use of technology and data improve the way the NHS delivers care?

NHS England’s Chief Digital Officer, Juliet Bauer, discusses how greater use of technology and data will improve care delivery within the NHS – from improving patient experience when interacting with services, to enabling improved health outcomes and allowing us to run a more innovative, intelligent system.

Can health apps and wearables really help people to be healthier?

Tara Donnelly, Chief Executive of the Health Innovation Network outlines how evidence is increasingly showing that apps and wearables can make a different to people’s health, and highlights examples of innovative digital products that are supporting conditions such as psychosis.