Claudia Anghel

Midwife, University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire

Claudia AnghelWhen I was young growing up in Romania, I always knew that I wanted a career that made a difference. It was the advice of my dad, who is my absolute hero, that encouraged me to be a midwife – and I’m so glad it did. I still find my love for the job continues to grow each day.

There are so many special moments and you feel connected to every family you support. When you save a baby’s life, you rejoice with that family who will never forget what you’ve done for them. When a baby is stillborn, you sit and you cry with the mother. I remember one woman who had to receive additional gas and air during a challenging birth…  she couldn’t see my name badge clearly and asked if she could prod me to see if I really was an angel.

Since the pandemic, we’ve had to isolate certain areas and set-up a coronavirus labour ward for patients who may be infected. Expectant mothers can now only have their partner with them for the delivery, but no visiting is allowed before and after the birth – and so, the emotional support we give has become even more important.

Even during challenging times, midwifery is about life and joy. Of course, we are concerned, but we are also strong. I still get up in the morning, put on my uniform and a bit of lipstick and go to work (although these days the masks we wear mean the lipstick doesn’t last long!).

My dad died suddenly last year, but I know how proud he was that I am an NHS midwife, especially when he saw how much people valued and appreciated me. When I go back to Romania or have a few days off I really miss it and can’t wait to get back to work.

I don’t like having my picture taken so when I heard about the photo shoot my first thought was ‘I can’t do that.’ I felt really nervous and embarrassed about it. But then I thought it’s got to be a good thing if it promotes midwifery which I feel is a very noble profession.