NHS Innovation Fellowship

Background to the NHS Innovation Fellowship

The Innovation Health and Wealth- Accelerating Adoption and Diffusion in the NHS report sets out actions to create a culture and system for innovation in the NHS that continually scans for new ideas and takes them through to widespread use. This system requires the NHS to work with industry, academia, staff and patients, to set an agenda for change and delivery.

Aims of the Fellowship

The purpose of the NHS Innovation Fellowship is to inspire and support NHS leaders to champion innovation and develop an innovative culture. This Fellowship sits alongside a number of other IHW initiatives which also aim to embed a culture of innovation at the heart of NHS staff at all levels.

Management of the NHS Innovation Fellowship

The NHS is currently seeking a partner organisation to take on the role of hosting the scheme. This may be one organisation or a consortium of organisations working together who support the values of the NHS and the aims of the Fellowship.

They will be responsible for organising the events and facilitating Fellows’ attendance, as well as overseeing management of expenses and other requirements.

A competition was launched on 29 July with a closing date for tenders to be submitted of 20 September. Please see the competition material document and the contractual agreement for more information.

If you have any questions in regards to the Fellowship or host competition, please email nhscb.nhsfellowship@nhs.net

An introduction to the NHS Innovation Fellowship