Looking ahead

During 2018/19, the partners will work in a number of ways to further transform health and care services:

  • The partnership will use population health analysis to identify and understand the health and wellbeing needs and solutions that exist in various segments of the local population. This will support a shift from responding to illness to promoting good health and wellbeing across the system and ensure that, locally, services are targeted to individual communities’ needs.
  • Further development of the ICCs will support primary care to work more effectively with community services and adult social care.
  • A new 24/7 hyper acute stroke unit is planned to open in 2019 at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle. The unit will improve speed of access to stroke care and replace the current five-day-a-week service. It will also include a new early supported stroke discharge service to help patients return home more quickly or move them back to hospital in west Cumbria if they need more care.
  • A rapid response hub will be introduced to help ensure individuals can remain at home with appropriate rapid response input, to support people in hospital who can be discharged back to their own home on reaching medical fitness, and to support people who have completed their acute intervention but who need a short period of rehabilitation before they can return home.
  • The integrated care system will focus on improving frailty, respiratory and cardiology (long term conditions) and mental health services. Within mental health, services are working more closely together to enable them to be more responsive to patient needs and the system is exploring relationships with other trusts to ensure it is learning from best practice.
  • Extended GP access will be delivered by October 2018, making it easier for people to see a doctor outside traditional surgery opening hours.