Fetal Medicine Group

Chair: Dr Therese Hannon, Consultant Obstetrician

The Fetal Medicine Group is made up of obstetric fetal medicine leads including Consultants, radiographers, screening and specialist midwives from every provider Trust in the Northern England Clinical Network.  The Group is accountable to the Maternity Clinical Advisory Group.

The purpose of the Group is to bring healthcare professionals together to:

  • Standardise clinical guidelines for fetal abnormalities;
  • Agree regional care pathways as appropriate;
  • Participate in, review and support local implementation of recommendations for national screening programmes;
  • Map resources;
  • Identify training requirements;
  • Discuss and make recommendations to the Maternity Clinical Advisory Group;
  • Advise CCGs / Specialised Commissioning with regards to the commissioning of services for pregnant women with complex medical problems.