Perinatal Mental Health Network

Chair: Dr Andrew Cairns, Perinatal Mental Health Network Lead / Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist, Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust

Perinatal mental health is a key Government priority. By 2020/21, NHS England should support at least 30,000 more women each year to access evidence-based specialist mental health care during the perinatal period. This should include access to psychological therapies and the right range of specialist community or inpatient care so that comprehensive, high-quality services are in place across England.

Through the Perinatal Mental Health (PMH) Network, the Clinical Network is in a prime position to be able to influence the attainment of that goal. The Network provides a forum through which health and social care professionals, organisations including both providers and commissioners and service users can collaborate across organisational boundaries to deliver programmes which result in improved health and wellbeing outcomes and improve the quality of patient care. The Network’s expertise equips it to be an advisory body, making recommendations in support of safe, sustainable high quality and cost effective care.

The PMH Network has a work plan and submits its outputs to the Maternity Clinical Advisory Group, the Local Maternity System Boards and Children and Young People Emotional Health and Wellbeing Steering Group for endorsement and action. It will be expected that providers and commissioners fully adopt the output as a regional guideline/pathway etc and implement locally resulting in standardised high quality care across our region.

The PMH Network is actively developing relationships within maternity units, health visiting teams and mental health services to educate professionals about appropriate perinatal MH patient pathways.

Perinatal Mental Health Conference 28 June 2018 – The Durham Centre

This conference addressed: Why we need Perinatal Mental Health Services; what services we have currently; what we need in the future.  It also addressed some of the risks such as workforce and training.

Perinatal Mental Health Conference Thursday 2 May 2019 – The Durham Centre

This will be our second perinatal mental health conference. The day will bring together key stakeholders to celebrate what has been achieved over the last twelve months and to focus on the action plan for the following year.

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