Child Health and Wellbeing Network

The North East and North Cumbria Child Health and Wellbeing Network focuses on getting engagement right to design and deliver better outcomes for our children.

The key objective is to achieve meaningful and realistic plans for engagement across the Integrated Care System and into our four Integrated Care Partnerships to effectively design and deliver improved outcomes for our children.

We are proud to be part of a small, but growing piece of work in the North East and North Cumbria that plans to make a real difference to children’s services. Our evolving hypothesis from our logic model is detailed below:

We believe all children in the North East and North Cumbria (NENC) should be given the opportunity to flourish and truly reach their potential, and be advantaged not disadvantaged by geography and organisational structures.


A Clinical Lead post was funded by the Northern England Clinical Networks and appointed to in September 2018. In December 2018 the programme was successful in securing a place on NHS Improvement’s Transformational Change through System Leadership residential programme for 12 core leaders. A regional sequence of events was scheduled to mirror the residential schedule and transfer learning and feedback from the wider community.

Work to date

Since the inception of this programme, a huge amount of interest and connections have developed to ensure that this Network reflects the system supporting and impacting children, young people and their families across the region. This has included:

  • The completion and analysis of a system survey focusing on the child health and wellbeing priorities. Over 550 respondents completed the survey.
  • A contacts database of individuals keen to be involved in the work reaching over 200 individuals.
  • Harvard University’s Marshall Ganz’s methodologies were adopted to support a commitment approach.
  • The first two residential courses have been attended by health, voluntary sector and local authority leaders working together to define the stakeholders, vision and narrative for this work.
  • A successful regional event with 120 participants from across the system including heath, local authority, police, voluntary sector, local business, education and research.
  • Learning from other areas has been considered with connections both nationally (Cornwall, Nottingham, Scotland and Greater Manchester) and internationally in Canada (facilitated by Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green).
  • Commitment to focus a regional event in May 2019 to the voice of the child and to sign off the priorities and purpose of the Network.

Resources from Network launch event – 4 March 2019

YouTube Playlist

View the short videos filmed on the day with some of the event speakers and panel members to find out more about what the creation of the Child Health and Wellbeing Network means to them.


The full slide deck from the Child Health and Wellbeing launch event held at Durham County Cricket Club on 4 March 2019 can be requested by emailing


The Child Health and Wellbeing Network team can be contacted via email