Neonatal Network

The Northern Neonatal Network is one of the 11 designated and mandated Operational Delivery Networks (ODNs) for neonatal care in England. It was brought together in March 2010 as a formal managed clinical network following recommendations from the Department of Health to ensure babies and their families receive the highest quality of care.

The Network is governed by a Board, made up of representatives from each of the Trusts within it and other health care professionals and commissioners, as well as parent representatives.

The Northern Neonatal Network aims are:

  • to provide a safe, high quality service for neonatal care workloads across the network region, and seek to improve outcomes for all babies born and cared for within it
  • to agree care pathways for babies born across the region and thus ensure they receive the level of care they need in the most appropriate Unit as close to home as possible
  • to provide high quality data reports to support Trusts and commissioners in monitoring care provision and planning service improvements
  • to work in close collaboration with the regional maternity clinical network to further improve the outcomes for all babies and their families
  • to support the training and education of its workforce across all 11 of its Units
  • to support the regional neonatal transport team (Northern Neonatal Transport Service – NNeTS) in the provision of neonatal transfers across the region and beyond
  • to maintain a framework for demonstrating the attainment of minimum quality standards, the implementation of continuous quality improvement, and adequate risk management in special and intensive neonatal care across the region
  • in collaboration with the region’s Specialist Commissioners at NHS England, to agree the appropriate allocation of capital and revenue for neonatal care across the Network.

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