Maternity Network members include obstetricians, midwives and a wide variety of other professionals who use their expert knowledge and experience to review a wide range of services relating to maternity care provision in the North East and North Cumbria.

The main discussion forum in which the Network comes together in order to discuss and set policy is the Maternity Clinical Advisory Group.

Primary objectives for the Maternity Network are:

  • To enable the development and maintenance of optimal healthcare services in the North East and North Cumbria for mothers, their partners, babies and children, based on the principles of sustainability, efficiency, and the provision of the highest possible quality of care.
  • Reduce unnecessary variations in quality of care and outcomes.
  • To improve the general health of pregnant women.
  • To provide the best possible consultant and midwife-led care.
  • To ensure that critically ill newborn babies are provided with care that gives them the best opportunity for improved morbidity and mortality, and optimal quality outcomes.

The Maternity Clinical Advisory Group

Chair: Dr Stephen Sturgiss, Maternity Clinical Lead (Obstetrics) / Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS FT

Chair: Anne Holt, Maternity Clinical Lead (Midwifery) / Associate Director of Nursing, County Durham and Darlington NHS FT

The purpose of the group is to ensure the provision of the highest possible standard of safe, effective care to women and their babies/families, by reducing unnecessary variation in outcomes and quality of care across provider organisations and individual clinicians within the Network.

The Perinatal Mental Health Network

The PMH Network was established in 2015 and runs its own programme of work while being supported by the Maternity and Mental Health Networks. Visit the Perinatal Mental Health Network section.

Maternity Network Business Plan 2018-19

The Network business plan supports the delivery of Better Births, the national maternity review.

Network Manager: Suzanne Thompson

Maternity Clinical Leads:

  • Obstetrics – Dr Stephen Sturgiss
  • Midwifery – Anne Holt
  • Perinatal Mental Health – Dr Andrew Cairns