Clinical Advisory Forum

The Palliative and End of Life Network is one of professionals working with people at the end of life across primary and secondary care and as specialists in all settings. We wanted to offer an opportunity for everyone to contribute to the Network and share best practice.

We created the Clinical Advisory Forum (CAF), which is open to anyone to attend. We hope that these will be interesting and stimulating forums. We will include updates, discussions and presentations on innovative or interesting work happening within the North West Coast Strategic Clinical Network. Dates and venues will be advised through a wide distribution list.

Topics have included:

  • DREAM Aide Memoire for Clinical Care Planning – Dr Anthony Thompson, Interim Medical Director and Consultant in Palliative Medicine, Willowbrook Hospice
  • Wirral Citizens Charter One Year On – Julie Gorry gives an overview of Wirral’s experience implementing the end of life charter and their one year on update.
  • St Helens & Knowsley End of Life Charter – Caroline Flynn, who is leading on the implementation of St Helens & Knowsley’s end of life citizen’s charter for end of life care.
  • Transition between Children’s and Adult Palliative Care Services – Louise Smith, Lead for Young Adults and Transitional Care at Claire House Hospice presented on recent collaborative working between Claire House Hospice and Woodlands Hospice and how children’s and adult services could coordinate care.
  • Enhanced Supportive Care, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre – Dr Alison Coackley, Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Dr Peter Kirkbride, Consultant Oncologist, presented on their recent experience of implementing Enhanced Supportive Care at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.
  • Bereavement Service Improvements – the Hospital Transform Group and People’s Voice collaborated to produce some recommendations for Acute Trusts to advise on service improvements in bereavement care.
  • Liberty Protection Safeguards and DoLS – Overview of current Deprivation of Liberties and the proposed future model of Liberty Protection Safeguards presented by Sian Harrison, Team Leader Advanced Dementia Support Team, End of Life Partnership

If wish to see a copy of the above presentations then please email