Our work

Securing Excellence in Primary Care (June 2012) committed to the development of LPNs for dentistry, pharmacy and eye health to support commissioners across the commissioning cycle. They bring clinical focus and expertise and create momentum for large scale change. Networks have a role in improving service quality and will champion quality improvements across health and social care communities. The LPNs create opportunities for patients, carers and third sector bodies to influence NHS delivery of services.

All LPNs develop an annual work plan which describes the improvement priorities for the LPN. The work plan is based on an analysis of local need and national priorities.

The current work plan includes the following elements:

  1. Education, training and research
  2. Improve Quality
  3. Improve patient Safety
  4. Supporting the commissioning of pharmacy services
  5. Medicines Optimisation
  6. Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments
  7. Stakeholder communication and engagement
  8. IT and Infrastructure