Support to Local Health Economies

In February 2014, 11 areas nationally were offered additional input to help inform their strategic planning.  McKinsey’s was commissioned to support the Southern Sector, which  was defined as four core CCGs (Eastern Cheshire, South Manchester, Stockport and Tameside and Glossop), along with their corresponding hospital trusts. Trafford CCG and North Derbyshire CCG were also included due to where their patients are treated.. The final report was  presented to commissioners and providers in July 2014.

Local health economies were already involved in discussions about how to best ensure local health services continued to be sustainable and of a high quality and this work has been taken forward as Healthier Together (Greater Manchester wide), Stockport Together (covering the Stockport area), Care Together (covering Tameside and Glossop) and Caring Together (covering Eastern Cheshire). The Southern Sector report is now a historic document, available at the following link:

Cumbria report

In 2013/14 Price Waterhouse Cooper were commissioned to support local health organisations in Cumbria to develop sustainable, high quality services.  The report was presented to commissioners and provider organisations in 2014.

The contents of the report helped to inform discussions already taking place between local health organisations and can now be seen within the context of the current success regime for west, north and east Cumbria.