Physician associate supporting GPs in Keighley

A GP surgery in Keighley is leading the way with a new type of medical professional helping to support GPs this winter.

Mohammed Hussain is a physician associate, based at Holycroft Surgery in Keighley, part of NHS Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven Clinical Commissioning Group. Mohammed is one of two physician associates across Yorkshire.

Trained up to a similar level as a junior doctor, he is able to treat patients with minor ailments or conditions as well as carrying out clinics, visit care homes and see patients in their own homes.

He said: “I see patients with a range of conditions such as chest infections, aches and pains, diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma to name a few. I also help patients manage their medication and hold clinics for Warfarin management.”

Mohammed took a two-year post-graduate course which included a number of placements in various locations such as A&E, GP surgeries, gynaecology, paediatrics, surgery and psychiatry.

He was taught how to treat conditions, carry out examinations and learnt procedural skills and how to communicate with patients. He now trains other physician associates at the University of Bradford.

He said: “Having a physician associate in a GP practice is very beneficial. I have been involved with many different types of patients.
“The response from patients has been fantastic, they feel very comfortable speaking to me.
“We also have lots of patients with carers and they have always welcomed me and never hesitated to see me.”

Tom Ratcliffe, GP within the Modality Partnership at Holycroft Surgery in Keighley, said: “We have found having the addition of a physician associate in our practice hugely beneficial for both patients and staff.

“It allows us as GPs to focus on the more complex cases and gives patients with more routine conditions and queries the opportunity to be seen promptly.”

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