Looking ahead

The partners have committed to developing services and meeting a range of service performance standards. The immediate priorities are:

  • Improving access to urgent and emergency care
  • Providing timely access to cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Deploying professionals to the right parts of the system to achieve the vision, service performance and transformation required
  • Achieving financial targets
  • Developing mental health and primary care services that are in line with the forward view strategies.

There are five areas where the partners believe they can make the biggest impact:

  • Promoting wellbeing, prevention, independence and self-care – including stronger communities, good advice and information
  • Strengthening primary, community, social care and carer services – including improving access to GP appointments, building teams of health and care professionals around GP practices to co-ordinate care for people with complex needs or long-term conditions, improving end of life care and meeting waiting time standards for mental health services
  • Simplifying urgent and emergency care – including helping people find and access the most appropriate care quickly, improving discharge processes so that people who are admitted to hospital can return home at the right time and building services in the community
  • Delivering technology-enabled care – including improvements to healthcare information, online appointment booking, self-care support, information-sharing between staff, and technology to help people to manage their own care
  • Ensuring consistent and evidence-based pathways in planned care – including diagnosing more cancers earlier through improved screening, and ensuring people are seen by the appropriate specialist in the right place at the right time, with more services provided in the community.