Potential community nursing themes

Potential themes for the Community nursing plan to focus on

Initial engagement with community nurses has identified areas for the Community nursing plan to address. These themes are a starting point and will be adapted in the light of the wider engagement and as the needs of the community nursing workforce changes over the years to come.

Theme one: community nursing offers attractive fulfilling and flexible careers

Action area one: deliver diverse career pathways

  • Career frameworks that offer opportunities in the varied role of community nursing.
  • Opportunities for qualifications and skills development.
  • Practical ideas and guidance for career advancement.

Action area two: advance research and innovation

  • Opportunities for all community nurses to undertake research.
  • Research as ‘everybody’s business’.
  • A culture of innovation and willingness to try things.

Theme two: community nursing works collaboratively to improve patient outcomes and experience

Action area three: build capacity of integrated care systems

  • Role of community nurse maximised in planning and decision-making.
  • Supply and demand modelling to identify the necessary scale and skills for community nursing.
  • Commissioning of community nursing undertaken on a collective integrated care system level.
  • Community nursing contribution fully realised through integrated ways of working.

Action area four: drive use of digital and data

  • Real time data access and capture to support patients and families.
  • Widespread deployment of digital innovation to support efficient working.
  • Enhanced reporting and analytics, including focus on data quality and quality improvement.

Theme three: community nursing gets the full profile and recognition it deserves

Action area six: raise the profile and celebrate success

  • Greater awareness and appreciation amongst the public and decision-makers.
  • Equality with other parts of the health and social care workforce.
  • Increased confidence and motivation amongst those nursing in the community.
  • Shared best practice and leadership across community nursing.

Action area seven: demonstrate value and understand the economics

  • Evidence for the effectiveness, efficiency, and value of community nursing.
  • Clarity on the financial and commissioning levers to support workforce growth.
  • Standardised national approach to costing for community nursing services.

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  • what you like best
  • how can we build on successes
  • if we missed anything
  • your three wishes for community nursing over the next five years.

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