Evaluating Leading Change, Adding Value

From Leading Change, Adding Value to helping lead implementation of the new Long Term Plan.

Leading Change, Adding Value (LCAV) was published in 2016 and the framework concluded in March 2019.  The Atlas of Shared Learning and the complementary Research Portfolio showcase practice and demonstrate how nursing, midwifery and care staff are leading transformational change across health and care and help lead the successful delivery of the  NHS Long Term Plan.

Leading Change, Adding Value – a process evaluation

This evaluation reports on the first year of the Leading Change, Adding Value framework for nursing, midwifery and care staff, (LCAV) and its implementation. With a focus on leading everyday change, perceptions were gathered on how LCAV was being used by frontline staff.

Recommendations were made on how to measure and look towards LCAV becoming “business as usual”, to meet the triple aim outcomes of improving outcomes, experience and better use of resources and support closing the three gaps, health and wellbeing, care and quality and funding and efficiency as outlined in the Five Year Forward View (FYFV).

Following on from the year-one evaluation, this interim report describes and evaluates the work undertaken in Year Two (May 2017- May 2018), building upon the foundations set within Year One (May 2016- May 2017), to continue to disseminate LCAV at national, regional and local levels and also to support its co-implementation.

Building on the years 1 and 2 evaluation the Leading Change, Adding Value framework – a final service evaluation reports on the 3rd year of LCAV and describes the learning from the dissemination and subsequent implementation of the principles in the LCAV framework. This report concludes the 3 year LCAV programme which formally ended on 31 March 2019.

Leading Change, Adding Value – articles

In January 2018, an article  written by a freelance journalist in the Nursing Standard describes how Leading Change, Adding Value is now halfway through its three-year implementation programme. It highlights how LCAV emphasises that all staff are leaders, whatever their role, wherever they work. The article describes how all front-line staff can make a difference.

In the same January 2018 Nursing Standard issue, Susan Aitkenhead, Director of Nursing, Professional Development at NHS England and now Deputy Chief Nursing Officer, authored an overview article describing the quantifiable contribution of nursing, midwifery and care staff. Susan described how leadership is not always about managing teams – it is about looking at what needs to change or could be changed to improve services and outcomes for patients as well as describing the key elements of LCAV.

A series of Leading Change, Adding Value articles were published in the British Journal of Nursing.

The (full) articles written or co-authored by the Leading Change, Adding Value Operational Team are available upon request: england.nursingmidwifery@nhs.net.