Bringing Energise for Excellence within Compassion in Practice: Introducing 6Cs Live!

Building on the strong foundation of Energise for Excellence, we are taking the values, philosophy, learning and momentum into our culture of compassionate care as 6Cs Live!

6Cs Live! supports nurses, midwives and care staff by helping them deliver the six areas of action by signposting to evidence based tools and techniques as well as examples of how colleagues from across the country have delivered improvement in these areas.

Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer of England says, ‘I am delighted to announce 6Cs Live! Some years ago Katherine Fenton, and I came up with the concept of Energise for Excellence for nurses, midwives and other care staff. This concept was based on the belief that, by harnessing our collective energy and commitment, we, as the largest part of one of the largest workforces in the World, have unlimited potential to massively improve the quality of care.  It is all our responsibility to ensure that essential nursing care is a given and can be counted on every time, in every healthcare setting – and 6Cs Live! is here to help and support you.’

To ensure that 6Cs Live! does all it can to support and encourage you to improve quality of care we need to hear from you.  Please email us at to give us your suggestions as to how we can help you deliver the 6Cs. We would also like you to email us to express your interest in becoming part of the 6Cs Live! community so we can directly keep you in touch with what is happening.

Energise for Excellence (E4E) transitions into 6Cs Live!

Frequently asked questions

Q: What was Energise for Excellence?

Jane Cummings and Katherine Fenton conceived Energise for Excellence when they were both strategic health authority chief nurses. They became aware that nurses, midwives and care staff, although very keen to improve their particular area of service locally, often felt bewildered by the number of different initiatives, tools and techniques coming from various sources. So they decided to bring all these improvement tools and examples together under one framework (symbolised by the big purple umbrella).

Q: So was that all it was – a website?

Not at all – Energise for Excellence continued to grow with a call to action for nurses, midwives and care staff to encourage them to make improvements in their areas of service where they recognised a need and through sharing examples where nurses, midwives and care staff had done this. E4E also developed a call to action for senior executives to make a commitment to support nurses, midwives and care staff to make improvements. An online network was also developed for nurses, midwives and care staff enabling them to communicate virtually with others from around the country, sharing tips and helping each other make improvements. The E4E team also delivered weeks of action based on essential area of care ie; elimination of pressure ulcers, patient experience, dignity, nutrition and hydration.

Q: What kind of things did people use the E4E online network for?

They used it to share resources, connect with and learn from each other.

Q: How many nurses, midwives and care staff were involved in E4E?

Around 6,000 nurses, midwives and care staff have indicated their commitment to improving care through E4E.

Q: Why did you have to change the name when Energise for Excellence had gained recognition and buy-in? 

We wanted to make it clear that E4E: all it stands for, the commitment of the many nurses, midwives and care staff already engaged, the philosophy and energy – has an important role to play in delivering Jane Cummings, the Chief Nursing Officer of England’s, Compassion in Practice strategy and vision. So, we had to align it both in name and visual terms. The Compassion in Practice strategy and vision is based on the ‘6Cs’ – care, compassion, courage, commitment, competence and communication. Therefore, 6Cs Live!

Q. How will 6Cs Live! move the Compassion in Practice strategy and vision forward?

6Cs Live! will help drive the six areas of action defined within the Compassion in Practice forward by aligning tools, techniques, examples of good practice to the six areas of action and making them easily accessible; through providing a functional virtual communications hub where nurses, midwives and care staff from around the country can share, learn, find answers to the challenges they face in making improvements within their service, locate learning opportunities and celebrate their successes. The weeks of action are also continuing. Other ways of supporting, encouraging and celebrating success are currently being developed and we would like nurses, midwives and care staff to let us know what else we can do to help them improve the quality of care. We are encouraging nurses, midwives and care staff to email us at to express their interest in becoming involved in 6Cs Live! We will then keep them directly updated and involved in the development of 6Cs Live!