Posters, activities and articles

In this section you will find examples of posters, activities and articles reporting actions taken across the regions and supported by local providers or regional teams.

There is a brief overview of the focus of each activity and a live link to enable you to view the full details of the actions if required.

For further information please contact the provider or individual named on the specific example.

Duncan Selbie’s Friday message, 4 July 2014

A weekly blog written by Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive Public Health England, supporting Public Health England and Department of Health public health nursing teams’ third week of action in July 2014 and their second annual conference 2014, ‘At the heart of it all’. This aimed at Public Health nurses and aligned to Action Area one.

Reducing avoidable in-hospital deaths focusing on Venous Thromboembolism (VTE) risk assessment to minimise incidence of hospital acquired thrombosis.

A poster produced by Gateshead NHS Health Foundation Trust presenting how the Kirkpatrick Model was successfully applied ensuring that patients are assessed for their risk of VTE and ultimately preventing harm from hospital acquired VTE.  This is aimed at healthcare professionals and aligned to Action Area three of Compassion in Practice.

Further information and contacts

Here you will find further examples with organisation and contact details.

Paediatric Accident and Emergency – South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust.  The scope of the project was to ensure all children/babies attending the Emergency Care Department receive quality care by the right practitioner in a timely way.  The project applied the Kaizan event approach and aligns to Compassion in Practice Action Area five.

For further information on this project contact:

Denise Horsley Strategic Lead, Safer Care:

Marie Pearson, Continuous Quality Improvement Facilitator: