Classroom-based training

We offer a one day introduction to Demand and Capacity training course. These events are free of charge for colleagues working in the NHS.

We recommend that commissioner’s sign up to our training as they need to have an understanding of the principles that providers will be using to undertake Demand and Capacity modelling so that they can provide external challenge and assurance to the process.

The training days introduce delegates to the principles and methodological approaches of Demand and Capacity.

After attending training, delegates can expect to have an understanding of:

  • The importance of demand and capacity modelling and benefits
  • What kind of models to use
  • The principles of measuring demand and capacity
  • The importance of an ideal waiting list size and how to calculate this
  • Forecasts predicated from modelling
  • How to structure the work to populate a model
  • How to sense check a completed model

Previous training days have been very popular with professionals from provider and commissioning sectors.

The Demand and Capacity Programme is part of the NHS England Elective Care Programme. Whilst the principles of demand and capacity planning are universal, we use examples from elective care throughout the training.

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Introductory training Online

You are invited to complete the Demand and Capacity training as an alternative to the classroom training or as a refresher. The online training covers similar topics to our classroom-based training.

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The training is now available. You will need an NHS email account to access this training.

Additionally, the Demand and Capacity programme has produced a range of resources that teams can use locally.

How do waiting lists grow?

Does variation in either demand or capacity at different levels of the treatment pathway impact on waiting lists and treatment times? Does providing additional resources at fixed or varying points of the treatment pathway fix the problem?