More support to follow

  • Local Authority Outcome Information Packs – These packs will present comparative information from the three outcomes frameworks (NHS, Adult Social Care and Public Health) at a local authority level.
  • Futures Summit Output – In November 2013, NHS England together with Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority hosted the NHS Futures Summit. The summit was designed to spark debate about how the landscape of health and care providers should evolve over the next decade to better meet the challenges facing the NHS and outlined in the Call to Action.  This report summarises the ideas discussed at the summit and is intended to assist commissioners to develop plans that look forward over the next five years. It outlines just the sort of ambitious and potentially transformative options that local health economies may wish to consider as they develop their own strategies to meet future challenges.
  • Technical Definitions document for Clinical Commissioning Groups and Area Teams – The purpose of this document is to describe the indicators in ‘Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 2014/15 to 2018/19’, and to set out for each measure definitions, monitoring, accountability and planning requirements.