Practice manager development

Practice managers are a vital resource in the NHS, playing a key role in maintaining a quality service and in redesigning care for the future. Yet they are also one of the most neglected parts of the workforce, receiving relatively little formal training or ongoing development. Many practice managers report feeling overburdened and isolated in their role, and it is often noted that the most efficient ways of working are slow to spread between practices.

To address these challenges, we will support the growth of local networks of practice managers. These will promote sharing of good ideas, action learning and peer support. Funding for this will be available for three years from 2016/17.

A series of free regional networking workshops have now been organised for practice managers and will take place in December 2016.

Each half day workshop will be an opportunity to network with colleagues from around the region and share challenges, ideas and encouragement. Registration pages for all events have been set up and practice managers are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.