The Accelerated Access Collaborative

The Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC) was formed in response to the independently-chaired Accelerated Access Review published in October 2016.

The government’s response to the review was published in partnership with the NHS and set out how we will improve patient access to breakthrough technologies and treatments. Key elements include:

  • Developing the Accelerated Access Pathway (AAP) to bring breakthrough products to market and then patients as quickly as possible.
  • £86 million government funding to support innovators and the NHS in overcoming barriers to getting new innovative technologies to patients quickly.
  • Improving NHS England commercial capacity and capability to achieve better value for the NHS and innovators.

The AAC aims to making the process of getting transformative technologies to patients quicker, cheaper and easier for innovators and the NHS.  It is a unique partnership consisting of representatives of healthcare organisations and the health technology industry and the secretariat is hosted by NICE.

In the first year the AAC is supporting the rapid uptake of seven high-potential technology areas with full evidence bases already within the system. These AAC rapid uptake products will enable patients with conditions such as cancer, heart disease and multiple sclerosis to access new treatments faster.

The AAC chair is Professor Lord Darzi and the AAC will sit alongside the Life Sciences Council.