The Accelerated Access Review

The Accelerated Access Review of Innovative Medicines and Medical Technologies was announced in November 2014 by the Minister for Life Sciences. Its aim is to speed up access to innovative drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital products for NHS patients.

Achieving this goal will bring many benefits, including:

  • patients will have access to, and be treated with, cutting-edge medical products sooner
  • research organisations, patient groups and charities will be able to be an integral part of the process for developing new products from the outset
  • clinicians will be able to support their patients to access more effective and affordable innovative treatments and achieve better health
  • businesses will benefit as a result of a simpler, better and more joined up development pathway for medicines, devices and digital healthcare
  • stimulation of new investment, jobs and economic growth to support the NHS

In March, the Government published the Review’s terms of reference and announced that it would be chaired  by Sir Hugh Taylor, Chair of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and advised by Professor Sir John Bell, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University, as the head of an independent expert external advisory group.

There is a particular focus on how to speed up the use of data and measurement as a catalyst for evidence-based development, commissioning and decommissioning as well as understanding the role digital health will play in the future.

Hearing the voices of patients, users and their families, and ensuring clinicians are confident that they will be able to access the innovative products in order to transform care, are both critical to this. So too is recognition of the key role of research charities as champions.

Given the wider fiscal context within which the NHS works, cost-effectiveness and affordability are also integral to the review.

The Accelerated Access review is now engaging widely with stakeholders to understand the opportunities to speed up access for NHS patients to clinically and cost effective innovations. The Review is supported by the Wellcome Trust and will report to Government at the end of the year.

You can visit the Review’s official website to find out more about the Review, how to get involved and read insightful blogs from key figures. You can keep up to date with the latest developments by signing up for email alerts  and following via the @AccelAccess twitter feed.