Anne Bruinvels – OWise breast cancer

Anne joins the NIA from the Netherlands, where OWise, a mobile app and website continues to be very useful to both clinician and patients alike.

OWise was developed to support patients and their physicians during breast cancer treatment.  Using the mobile app or website, patients can record their experiences in real time, for example side effects and overall quality of life. Patients can also receive information about their condition and wellbeing as well as helpful tips on topics to discuss with their doctor. This empowers patients and helps creating a platform for personalised treatment.

OWise in the NIA

The NIA is facilitating Anne’s efforts to improve patient experience and patient-doctor dialogue by making OWise available to breast cancer patients and clinicians across the UK.

Through the NIA, Anne is working on two aims: to build relationships with clinicians, clinical networks and patient organisations in order to help patients navigate their personalised and often complex cancer treatment, and to investigate the fully anonymised patient-reported data with a view to improving the clinical outcomes of cancer.

Patient testimonial

“When I received the diagnosis of breast cancer my world was turned upside down. In addition to treatment plans, examinations and results there was so much anguish and sadness. OWise creates order in this chaos and keeps it that way. It is truly a fantastic support!”

Innovator testimonial

“We want to help breast cancer patients in the UK regain a sense of control and improve their treatment experience. Using OWise creates an environment during treatment that is both beneficial to the patient and clinician, and we want to ensure that this tool is available to help everyone who needs it. The NIA has introduced me to key stakeholders who would have been much harder to reach on my own.”