Ben Underwood – Brush DJ

Ben, a York based NHS general dental practitioner has a passion for oral hygiene. His innovative offering is Brush DJ, the only evidence based, free to download NHS approved app of its kind.

Primarily aimed at children and young people, Brush DJ plays two minutes of the user’s favourite music, making teeth brushing an enjoyable. This will help children adopt good oral hygiene from a young age and help prevent a number of dental diseases like tooth decay.

Brush DJ in the NIA

Through the NIA Ben is collaborating with NHS England and Public Health England to make sure all communications channels are used – and that as many people as possible learn about Brush DJ and eventually use it.

So far, there have been over 230,000 downloads in the UK and abroad, with almost 140,000 video views within the app.  An updated version of the app was introduced earlier this year

Brush DJ has amassed a following on social media and been featured in national press including the Daily Mirror and the Telegraph.

User testimonial

“Brush DJ takes the battle out of reminding my daughters to keep on top of their oral hygiene and makes it fun for them. It’s a useful app to use as part of your oral hygiene routine.

I routinely recommend Brush DJ to my own patients. It not only benefits children, it may also encourage adults to take better care of their teeth. It can help adults remember to floss as the app will indicate when this needs to be done. I see lots of patients who clean their teeth thoroughly but are missing areas only flossing can reach.”

Innovator testimonial

“Being one of the inaugural NIA fellows has helped me to scale Brush DJ at a far greater pace in to the NHS than would have been possible, by reducing the barriers in the health system that can face SMEs. It’s been amazing to see the progress we’ve made already, and I know that the lessons I’ve learned from the NIA so far will help me to secure the growth and development of the app for the future.”