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EpSMon is just what I need to monitor my risk in between visits to doctors… An excellent reminder of the importance of taking medication correctly and seeing my GP on a regular basis.EpSMon user

Craig is a Senior Research Fellow and Lead for Mobile Health Innovation at Plymouth University. He also works as a Clinical Psychologist in the NHS. His innovation is the Epilepsy Self Monitor (EpSMon), a free epilepsy risk management tool, developed with partners Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust and Oxfordshire-based charity SUDEP Action.

Over 600,000 people in the UK live with epilepsy; people with epilepsy have a 24 times higher risk of sudden death than the general population, although 42% of these deaths are considered potentially avoidable. However, professional discussion with patients living with epilepsy of ways to reduce increased risk of fatality are rare, with regional reported rates of less than 10%.

EpSMon can be used as a prevention tool by providing risk assessments to patients and encouraging early intervention for people with rising risk.  It enables patients to monitor their own seizures and well-being between medical appointments and shows patients whether risk factors have improved or worsened to help ensure they seek medical help sooner if required. EpSMon is a digital version of a SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) and Seizure Safety Checklist developed and available for professionals who register with SUDEP Action for annual updates from a UK-wide development group of experts.

Epilepsy costs the UK £1.5 billion per year; a preventative tool such as EpSMon can have a significant impact on the personal and financial costs of epilepsy through reduction in deaths and decrease in A&E appointments.

Craig hopes to use the NIA to connect with academic health science networks and develop expertise in the commissioning environment in order to promote EpSMon and mobile health as a component of standard clinical practice.

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