Francis White – AliveCor’s Kardia

AliveCor’s Kardia™ Mobile is the world’s first mobile ECG that can instantly analyse and interpret heart recordings. The aim of AliveCor is to identify paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF), a leading cause of stroke.
Kardia™ Mobile is embedded in the case of any smart phone (Apple or Android), allowing the user to capture a recording of their heart anytime, anywhere. Using the Kardia™ app, results are analysed on the spot, and can be shared with a doctor for an instant diagnosis.

Francis hopes the NIA will help make Kardia™ available to NHS patients across the UK.

AliveCor’s Kardia™ in the NIA

AliveCor’s Kardia™ is one of 11 innovations being tested within the Care City Test Bed project in north east London – which will help evaluate the impact of the device within a population of over a million people.

A number of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) have purchased Kardia™ for the enhanced diagnosis of AF for local people.

The experience of these organisations will help others to understand the impact of using Kardia™ and how it can help to move the pathway for AF diagnosis out of hospitals and into the community – as well as getting a diagnosis to patients as soon as possible.

Patient testimonial

I purchased my first AliveCor device in January 2015 and won my second device in February 2016 in the #loveyourheart photographic competition run by AliveCor on social media, so now have one for both my iPhone and iPad.  I love my AliveCor and can’t praise it highly enough, it’s so quick and easy to use and always close to hand.  Since having my AliveCor I feel in control and very reassured, before I had my device it was so hard trying to explain to medical staff how I felt and what was happening when I was having an atrial fibrillation episode.  Every time I wore a holter monitor my heart was on its best behaviour so my episodes were never caught by the hospital, having the AliveCor to capture my episodes as they happened was fantastic!  My electrophysiologist and arrhythmia nurse are really impressed with the device as I am now able to print my recordings and show them what is happening to my heart during Atrial Fibrillation.

Innovator testimonial

“The connections and insights I’ve gained through the NIA have allowed me to unlock the complex NHS primary care system. This will allow us to bring Kardia™ Mobile to more patients much more quickly.

I’ve been amazed by the commitment of the NHS to adopting innovation. In particular the Academic Health Science Networks, which are able to provide regional support, advice, and connections exactly where we need them.”