John Moore – ERAS+

It’s so simple, everyone having surgery should have ERAS+. Patient

John is the Clinical Director for Adult Critical Care and a consultant in Critical Care and Anaesthesia at Central Manchester University Hospitals Foundation Trust (CMFT). He is the medical lead for Enhanced Recovery After Surgery + (ERAS+).

Each year, more than 200,000 major elective surgical procedures are performed in England and Wales, which carry a post-operative pulmonary complication (PPC) risk of up to 30%. This can lead to increased length of stay and reduced life expectancy.

ERAS+ works to reduce the PPC risk by better equipping patients and families in their preparation for and recovery from major surgery. It aims to put them at the centre of their own care with the intention that they view themselves as training for their surgery. It provides advice and structure for training on exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and oral healthcare information to help patients play a more active role in preventing PPC, with a focus on the six weeks prior to and the six weeks after surgery.

ERAS+ provides bespoke educational tools including information videos (respiratory training, epidurals, anaesthesia, and peri-operative assessment) and the multi-disciplinary led ‘Surgery School’, where healthcare professionals provide groups of patients with enhanced preparation for major surgery.

ERAS+ has been implemented at CMFT for more than 700 patients and has successfully reduced PPC by over 50% and post-operative hospital length of stay by three days; this has delivered £200,000 in annual savings.

John is looking forward to working with the NIA to support the scaling-up, implementation and sustainability of ERAS+, as well as taking advantage of mentorship opportunities to further develop diffusion strategies at the regional and national levels.

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