Julia Riley – Coordinate My Care

Now I have the plan, I feel so much happier. Because I’ve got some control over things. I will probably need urgent care in the middle of the night again – that’s how cancer goes. But, this time, everyone will know what to do with me. They’ll know exactly what I have, and how it’s being treated. I won’t have to explain it all and repeat myself to different people. I’ll get the right painkillers, at the right time. And I’ll be in my own home, instead of sitting in pain, in A&E. I’ll get the care I need, the way I want it. Sitting here, feeling strong today, I can’t tell you how reassuring that is.  Mary, patient

Julia is a consultant in Palliative Medicine at the Royal Marsden and Royal Brompton NHS Trusts and a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London. She founded Coordinate My Care with the aim of providing a step change in ensuring patients receive the care in the place they would prefer, particularly at the end of life.

Coordinate My Care (CMC) is a web-based IT platform enabling digital, multidisciplinary urgent care planning for end of life care. Frequently, a lack of continuity and coordination can lead to fragmented delivery of urgent care. Consequently, a patient’s wishes are often not delivered. CMC empowers patients to make decisions with their GP about the interventions they receive, and allows caregivers to better understand patient preferences and clinical needs.

Patients using CMC have seen 78% compliance with their stated preferred place of death, equating to 17% dying in hospital compared to 47% nationally and is on average saving the NHS £2,100 per patient equating to an annual saving of over £16.8 million in London where it is currently deployed. If implemented throughout England, projections for annual savings would be over £556 million.

During the NIA, Julia would like to engage with national health leaders to ensure urgent care planning stays on the national agenda, and work with mentors and peers to enable Coordinate My Care to become a national service.

Contact: julia.riley@rmh.nhs.uk
Video pitch: Communities of Care CMC Dec 2015
Website: www.coordinatemycare.co.uk