Lloyd Humphreys – Patients Know Best

Patients Know Best is an innovation that allows patients to hold all their medical information in a single record which they directly control.

This single record puts the patient at the centre of their care, empowering their health network and challenging traditional models of care. If a patient chooses, they can invite anyone they wish to their profile, construct a strong and comprehensive care network best suited to them, made up of diverse clinical teams and friends and family able to support at-home care.

Patients Know Best in the NIA

Since becoming part of the NIA, Patients Know Best has been taken up by over 80 sites – with many others showing an interest in adopting this innovation at a regional and national level to connect organisations around the patient.

Being part of the NIA has helped Lloyd engage with NHS Digital (formerly Health and Social Care Information Centre HSCIC) and the digital team at NHS England, exploring the use of Personal Health Records and managing consent to share information across organisations, geographical boundaries and putting the patient in control of who sees their medical information.

Patient testimonial

St Mark’s Hospital

“Very few doctors properly understand my condition so going to an unfamiliar medical team can be terrifying. I can have a severe and potentially life threatening reaction to everyday drugs. With Patients Know Best, it’s very reassuring that I can reach my entire medical team anywhere in the world – this makes me feel far more independent. Through Patients Know Best, I’m effectively carrying my entire medical history with me wherever I go in the world – and that’s very reassuring.”

Innovator testimonial

“I have been delighted to be involved with the NIA programme and it has provided a wealth of opportunities to engage with senior stakeholders and decision makers to highlight the importance of putting the patient at the very centre of their healthcare.

Being able to showcase the technology, and both inform and be informed by challenges to implementing innovative solutions, has been fundamental to the growth and adoption of Patients Know Best.”