Penny Newman – Health coaching

Health Coaching is a training programme for clinicians to help people with long term conditions (LTCs). It aims to help people with LTCs to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become more active participants in their care, reach self-identified goals and adopt more healthy behaviours. It is a person-centred process and widely applicable to all long-term conditions, covering prevention, decision making, self-management and medication compliance.

Health Coaching in the NIA

Since becoming a fellow of the NIA, Penny has secured £500,000 of funding from an AHSN partner to roll out Health Coaching across the east of England and nationally.  Around 3,200 clinicians have been trained or scheduled for Health Coach training, including 60 local trainers.

On a national scale, Health Coaching is creating a social movement powered by clinicians and staff through workshops, toolkit development with 18 organisations, online communities and the support of two Academic Health Science Networks, which should see the programme rolled out across two regions.

Patient testimonial

“Health Coaching has enabled myself and my son (with cystic fibrosis) to find ways of managing his relentless treatment regime, without the negative baggage which comes with ‘telling,’ someone what to do. Health Coaching isn’t something to be feared. It isn’t a luxury or an extravagance. It’s the only option for positive, humane health and care relationships.”

Innovator testimonial

“Evidence and feedback from clinicians from all professions point to the real benefits from using these simple but powerful communication techniques to help patients help themselves. This way patient/clinician conversations are more fulfilling, and better value, as patients become inspired and empowered to change behaviour to meet goals important to them”.