Peter Young – PneuX

Peter is a proven innovator having developed ten devices, three of which have been brought to market. His innovation on the NIA programme is the PneuX Pneumonia Prevention System, which is designed to stop ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), the leading cause of hospital-acquired mortality in Intensive Care Units.

The innovation is a cuffed ventilation tube and an electronic cuff monitoring and inflating device which prevents leakage of bacterial laden oral and stomach contents to the lung – a problem associated with standard tubes.

PneuX in the NIA

Since the joining the NIA, PneuX has enjoyed a successful trial with New Cross hospital in Birmingham.  This included an economic evaluation, which demonstrated a saving of £718 per patient who received treatment with the PneuX.

Peter’s ambition is to build a culture change across the NHS, so that it is universally understood that any bacteria entering the lungs as a result of the use of a ventilator, is unacceptable.

Clinical testimonial

“We are hugely impressed with the direct benefits to patient safety, through avoidable harm and improving outcomes.  We urge health care providers and organisations to review their specifications and policy to ensure the system is adopted as best practice.  From a patient’s perspective, this is an opportunity that cannot be ignored” T Fernandes; Co Chair East of England Citizen’s Senate.